10 Major effects of alcohol

main effects of alcohol

For many years, people have been taking alcohol without knowing the effects of alcohol and symptoms of that condition.

1. Unintentional injuries like a car crash, drowning, falls and burns.

That addiction can cause many problems ranging unintentional injury that adversely affects your life. This will ultimately have an effect on human life as well as your relationship with other people around you.

2. Intentional injuries like firearm injuries, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Many people can always take care of your alcoholic state to cause injuries in your life that affect the kind of life that you live. This will determine the type of life you will live as well as your relationship with your family members and spouse.

3. Increased on-the-job injuries as well as loss of productivity.

Drugs and alcohol addicts often have low productivity when compared to normal people. This may also lead to problems with income and productivity, especially for the working economy. Many people have also been sacked from work in the past due to alcohol addiction.

4. Increased family problems and broken relationships.

That type of addiction can cause family problems and broken relationships from the irresponsible nature of the addicts. Many families tend to break up from the failure of the parents to provide due to alcoholism.

5. Alcohol poisoning.

Loss of life possible if measures are not taken to treat the victim.

6. High blood pressure disease, nerve damage, stroke, liver and heart-related problems.

Higher levels of alcohol intake and addiction can increase risk of high blood pressure, nerve damage, stroke, and liver & heart-related diseases that can affect human life adversely when measures to cure you are not taken early stage. Even permanent damage to the brain is possible.

7. Sexual problems.

Problems with sexual appeal is also common, if proper treatment not received. This can affect the ability to sire or give birth to children, thus contributing negatively to the population growth.

8. Vitamin B1 deficiency that may cause disorders characterized by apathy, amnesia and disorientation.

Alcohol consumption can also cause vitamin B deficiency causing disorders characterized by apathy, amnesia and disorientation. This can affect your life negatively leading to death in the long run.

9. Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach walls).

Alcoholism is the main cause of Gastritis. Many people often experience inflammation in the stomach walls after drinking alcohol for a long period. In addition, it may lead to malnutrition when measures to help the victim aren’t taken.

10. Cancer of the throat and mouth.

Many of the heavy alcohol addicts often suffer from the cancer of the throat and mouth. This can have negative effects on their health leading to ulcers in the long run if any measures are taken.

In conclusion, the above information you should take measures on how to get rid of this addiction. For additional information about the effects of alcohol, please check www.alcoholdetoxmagazine.com.